im david
Nottingham music tech student
acoustic guitarist



shoutout to people working weekends and overnights and overtime, people working in hospitality and retail and food service, who are sacrificing time with their loved ones, so fuckers with weekday desk jobs get to live comfortably with the amenities we provide while simultaneously shitting all over us for not getting “real jobs”


diamonds out of ashes💎


crushes are great until you realize that they’ll never be interested in you 

eyooooooo moving out tomorrow, complete independance


“A rear view of the lovely angel that watches over the grave of the young Princess Elisabeth at the Park Rosenhöhe in Darmstadt.”


wearing all black today to mourn the death of my motivation

I hate the idea of lonely. And I hate the reality of attachment.

Reyna Biddy (via kushandwizdom)

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